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mythichistorian has made a manip for "Professor G's Uncanny Scoobies". Big version here.

Posting it to my permanent archive uncovered a large number of tiny bugs in the archive software. I spent a happy afternoon today fixing them and then hammering on the information design of the header material. I wish I were a better graphic designer than I am. The neat thing: I did all this while sprawled out on the comfy furniture now on our deck. I look forward to writing in the same spot tomorrow. Also napping in that spot: the cats have made a habit of waking us at 4am with live presents, dead presents, moth-hunting ruckus, cat-on-cat action, demands to be fed, and/or demands to be groomed. Last night's rescue of a live animal took an hour at 3am, because the thing had cleverly hidden itself behind a very large, very full bookcase in the bedroom. Took me forever to fall asleep again afterward.

In addition, Sherlock episode 2, "The Bllnd Banker", is just as good as "A Study in Pink". its script wasn't quite as good as the first one's, but the characters are developing in pleasing ways. There was a moment early on that made Mr Pedia shriek with laughter. And his embarrassment squick is firmly engaged when he watches Watson's travails. I am very sad to think there's only one more and then we'll have to wait a year for Moffat's schedule. Grump! Well, I have no complaints about how the media world has been treating Sherlock Holmes recently. One of my lifelong-favorite characters has three satisfying portrayals in active production right now, from Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, and Hugh Laurie.

Today's edition of giles_watchers was a monster, but alas! it marks the end of summer_of_giles 2010.
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