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Starcraft 2 is out. You know what that means.

"A Short Rest" has been nominated for round 2 of c2c_buffyawards. Thank you to whoever nominated this story! It's one of my personal faves: Xander, Giles, and Bilbo. With tea.

I am possibly finally really un-sick. This thing lingered for a while. Probably because I didn't drink any tea. Hrm.

Nom nom post-workout shake. Unsweetened almond milk, OJ, whey protein, flaxseed meal, handful of frozen berries, some sunflower seeds because I was in the mood. Mix it all up with an immersion blender. Ta-da! Muscle milk sans the crap. Today: bench pressing in a million variations plus light deadlifts (only to a max of 215# or so). Deadlifts are like squats, just a shockingly effective exercise.

Have a fic project in motion. I am giving myself an internally-generated deadline for posting it, in the hope that this will give me the energy to drive it to completion. Today's task: re-write the synopsis in more detail, possibly moving it to outline-level detail. Think structure a little bit, but not too much if it starts to be too overwhelming.

The fail!fandom anonmeme is lamenting the scarcity of het anal. I agree with them: there isn't enough. Write some, darn you all! I have done my bit for this kink. (Have done more in the Buffy/Xander line, as yet unposted. Some day.) My favoritest story ever in this line is "The Twilight's Last Gleaming", Giles/Joyce, by Laura Shapiro.

Am re-watching "A Study in Pink" with Mr Pedia beside me. Cumberbatch is awesome; Freeman is better. It's always the Watson that make a Holmes adaptation live or die for me. There is of course already much discussion of Moffat's Holmes going on around the elljays. See speculation about what mystery novels would look like if ACD hadn't written, if we did not have a Victorian Holmes influencing detective fiction. Sort of the Anti Great Game, yeah?

Bonus reading: Amores Illuminata" by Neena. Giles/Xander in the "have sex or die" genre. This is classic slash in a number of ways.

PS: Happy birthday to yaspis and beatrice_otter!
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