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sherlockbbc_fic fic prompt meme
Episode picspam.
Straightforward screencaps.

I see some genfic occurring at some point. Possibly starting with a modern Council Buffyverse crossover or something like that, to take advantage of where my head is at the moment. The problem with writing Holmes, for me, is that I need to write a mystery, and that's work. Serious plotting work. I suppose, though, the only way to get good at it is to practice.
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Not that I'm enabling here...

I found ningloreth's thoughts on writing mysteries at Writercon UK last year both interesting and useful. Worth a read for the early C20th view of the role of mystery stories, as well as for some tips which might ease the plotting path this time around.

Why yes, I also enjoy Moffat's Sherlock. How can you tell?