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Hello to new friends, hello again to friends who've been around for a while, hello to people reading who've never said hi.

Am still phlegmy but definitely on the mend. I worked out this morning, for instance, for the first time in a week. Then I came home and napped, but hey! It's an improvement. Had fun standing around holding a 25# bumper plate in each hand, working on finger grip for climbing. It's not the strangest thing I've done.

I have notes for three fiction projects going at once right now, two fanfic, one original. The origfic is supposed to be the focus this week. I will be satisfied if I get an outline out of it. I'm excited about one of the fanfic projects already.

There's a new Solar Fields record out, Altered, but it's not out on iTMS yet. I'll have to order it from Ultimae, which is in France, so I always feel silly ordering only one thing. They put a stick of incense into every package, along with a stack of postcards and a sweet hand-written note, which is just plain cool, so I'm tempted to do it anyway.

Reading: mediumrawr, "And Sweetest in the Gale Is Heard" - Giles/Faith, adult. Needs more comments feeding the writer, because this is great stuff.
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Yeesh. You're promoting that unedited rat-dung? I would have rewritten it if I hadn't been stuck on deadline.

Also, hi. I'm sure I must have said something at some point before.

Hey, I know from posting unedited messes. Did so myself this year. Here's the secret, though: never apologize, never explain. Just quietly edit in the background and update the post :D Also, I often feel good that people liked the raw stuff that got posted, because it means I was onto something! The last secret I'll share is that it was probably better than you think right now. You're in the post-posting letdown phase when all you can think about is how much it sucked. At least, that's how it works for me.
Yeah, well. Inevitably there comes a point as I get to the end of the first draft that scrapping it and starting over will not produce something that's enough better to justify doing all that work again. I'm just especially annoyed with this one because the climactic scene took so long to write - days and days longer than I was budgeting for with my editing schedule - that it felt like it was taking over the story.

But I gave it a once-over this evening, to mark off what I could fix up without going back to the drawing board... and, you know, only sixty-eight things. Whee.
Went and listened to some of the Solar Fields stuff. I like it! I never paid much attention to ambient music until I knew you. I love it. Almost all of my homework last semester was done while listening to an ambient music channel. :p Do you have any opinions about Stars of the Lid?
I love Stars of the Lid. There's a Brian McBride solo album, When the Detail Lost Its Freedom, that I listen to a bunch while writing.

The Ultimae catalog is almost universally good stuff. The label owner has amazing taste, I think. If I had to recommend one recording out of the bunch, it would be H.U.V.A. Network, Ephemeris. Though, erk, I also love Cell's Live at Kumharas a whole lot.
I first heard Stars of the Lid while I was doing homework. I ended up buying some of their music. I think I listened to some of the H.U.V.A on Ultimae and really liked it. I'll have to go back and listen again and perhaps buy it. I'll check out the others, too, thanks for the recs!

I always think ambient music is good driving music. Probably because I always seem to end up running errands late Sunday nights which is when Hearts of Space is on. If you've never heard Hearts of Space, it's what you'd get if Carlos Summer and Bob Ross had a love child and that child went on to host a new age music program on public radio. It's good if a little indulgent at times.