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An entry with no unified theme.

Hello to new friends, hello again to friends who've been around for a while, hello to people reading who've never said hi.

Am still phlegmy but definitely on the mend. I worked out this morning, for instance, for the first time in a week. Then I came home and napped, but hey! It's an improvement. Had fun standing around holding a 25# bumper plate in each hand, working on finger grip for climbing. It's not the strangest thing I've done.

I have notes for three fiction projects going at once right now, two fanfic, one original. The origfic is supposed to be the focus this week. I will be satisfied if I get an outline out of it. I'm excited about one of the fanfic projects already.

There's a new Solar Fields record out, Altered, but it's not out on iTMS yet. I'll have to order it from Ultimae, which is in France, so I always feel silly ordering only one thing. They put a stick of incense into every package, along with a stack of postcards and a sweet hand-written note, which is just plain cool, so I'm tempted to do it anyway.

Reading: mediumrawr, "And Sweetest in the Gale Is Heard" - Giles/Faith, adult. Needs more comments feeding the writer, because this is great stuff.
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