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Moffat's modernized Holmes: on the BBC tomorrow. Official site here. Given that a) I adore his writing, and b) the last time he tried this update-a-Victorian-novel stunt it was hideously successful, and c) I am a life-long Holmes fan, I am a little bit on fire to see this.

Am cautiously modulating my expectations down to a level that has a hope of being met.

Not so with the Buffy season 8 motion comics. No original cast as voice actors? Not going to bother. Leave it to the comics fanboiz.

Whedon is milking his last good idea dry because he doesn't have any new ones, I guess.
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I just have to say this

Most awesome English name ever, y/y?
I think it's more like a Scott Allie's idea, but nevertheless I think that a motion comic without the original actors' voices is not worthwhile.
Cost-cutting, I assume, since at least some of them are likely to be interested in the project. Cheesy.
I am looking forward to seeing Moffat's Sherlock. I liked his take on Jekyll and on Doctor Who.

I am not a fan of Buffy Season 8. I think I will skip the motion comic version.
I've been reading the comics since it started as a Joss-driven project, and it was interesting, but it's become less so. With the reuse of characters, wearing out of plotlines, and odd character developments, I find it more like Buffy novels - fun, but noncanon. I'm afraid with the motion comics it's forcing its way into canon...don't know why, but that makes me nervous. :/
Naw, I think the weirdness of the plotline has made the comics even less likely to be considered canon than they might have been. I know that I cannot assume readers of my fic have any clue what's going on in them, which is really the only definition of "canon" that's practical for me. So don't worry about that, I think!