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All aftermathy.

Well, hey, posting fic is always an awesome experience. You sweat, you swear, you struggle with perfectly ordinary sentences, you forget to eat lunch because you're in a cage-match with fight scene blocking problems, you post, you panic, and then people have fun reading and it's all worthwhile.

Now I'm editing and oh lord, the sentence fragments and the over-comma-ing. Shoot me now.

Today: Answer comments, finish edits, update the posts, post to archive, find next project. Plan is 2 weeks per project max. Alternate origfic & fanfic. We'll see how long this lasts.

Am watching "Some Assembly Required". Giles is adorable throughout.

Bonus reading: Rebel Waltz by mischiefmagnet over on Pre-series Giles, the Clash, Olivia, Ethan, Archie Lassiter, and prophetic dreams of Buffy.
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