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FIC LINK: Professor G's Uncanny Scoobies #1 (Giles/Xander, teen)

Title: Professor G's Uncanny Scoobies #1
Pairing: Giles/Xander
Summary: Xander's carelessness with magical artifacts might have landed him in more trouble than he can reasonably escape, even with Giles's help.
Rating: teen
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 11.5K

part 1 / part 2

I blame Con*strict. Or rather, the Con*strict panel on tropes that included the long discussion of wingfic. As far as I know, no one has ever written Giles/Xander wingfic, at least not and taken it seriously. I decided I'd write a serious take on wingfic. As serious as any story with Xander in it can be, that is.

I also blame drsquidlove for complaining that there hadn't been enough GX written for this year's fest.

So that means I started making notes for this story last Saturday at the con. I didn't commit in my head to posting this story for the fest until Tuesday, but I've been sprinting to get it done since. I have written 11K words in a single week before, for Nanowrimo, but I have never tried to write and then edit that much prose in that amount of time. But the idea had me by the throat and I had to do it. I fear it's obvious which bits I wrote last, because the transitions and the connective tissue just aren't there. Yet. I'll secretly revise this one over the next couple of days. Check my permanent archive for the definitive version in about a week.

And now it has been done! GX wingfic exists! I dare you to write your own, oh flist, and do me one better!

I have another idea for wingfic, this time with Giles as the one with all the feathers. That will be BG and much more of a discovery story than a transformation story, because hey, Giles has been Buffy's guardian angel all along, don't you know.
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I didn't write a fic, but I did do a G/X wing picture ...

Find it here: (Demon wings, not angelic ones, but definitely wings!)

Might provide a little inspiration to someone. :-)

Loved the story BTW. Want me to do a illo for it? Think I still have my set of angel wing components somewhere ...
Ooooh, I'd love to see a Xander with dark feathery wings. Though that Giles in your manip is... definitely not a good!angelic!Giles. Oh dear.

Don't you also have a long piece that's an AtS crossover in which Giles has machetes under the skin, sort of? As the result of a partial demon transformation. There's a confrontation in a bar during which he drinks a blood-based cocktail then has to use his built-in weapons. Hmm, obviously I need to re-read because the details are now escaping me.
Loved this story, so yay for inspiration!

Giles itch to touch the wings, his jealousy at the ease with which others touch Xander, Xander's very Xander-like certainty that he's evil, and the very nice desperation that Xander exudes...all wonderful.

I do happen to love your Giles/Xander most of all, for all their complexities and serious edge - and this one was a surprise from the beginning to the end.

thank you. :)
This was really really really good. I love much of your other BtVS work (I came across your site and have been devouring its contents), and have quite a few I'm going to download, but this struck a chord in me. I was actually sad and a bit disbelieving when it ended, which doesn't usually happen with fics that short. You certainly succeeded in creating serious wingfic, which is a weakness of mine. I like the concept of wings, but all to often they are written poorly, usually as a prelude to sex. It isn't that I don't like reading that as well, but it is a true joy to read something that really goes into the transformation, the emotional components, maintains an outside plot, an keeps in character so beautifully. There was a hint of spice in the story, and humor, and I fell in love with it and the universe you created. I would absolutely love to read more (and wouldn't complain if the flirting was brought to fulfillment) but consider it a treasure of a story as it is. I hope you continue writing in general, as I noticed that the most recent dates for the Buffy fics at least were from 2011. I wish you all the best in the upcoming year.