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And now back to work until I fall asleep in my armchair.

Cruddy first drafts: they're not just a good idea, they're inevitable. The trick is in suspending the voice of my inner editor until after I have a lot of consecutive readable prose to react to.

Procrastination 1: I read about badgers today. The American badger is very different from the ones in Europe. This did not come anywhere near qualifying as research. I also read a little bit about Coptic Egypt. That qualified.

Procrastination 2: Climbing gym again tonight, with Mr Pedia and his lovely calves. Climbed a lot of 5.7s and failed on one where I am just utterly and completely stuck about what to do next. This time I skinned my knuckles on the wall instead of my knees. I always leave some blood behind, well-mixed with chalk. While I can't do a pull-up yet, I do have more upper-body strength than average and I have a bit of a tendency to use it to power through moves. When I can't, when it's a question of balance not brute force, I get myself embrangled. And bloody. Well, I will learn.

Climbing gyms, by the way, are full of lovely fauna of both sexes. Especially if you like strong backs and forearms.

Procrastination 3: This Vividcon wank is awesome. Last week's Vividcon stupidity wasn't amusing, but this one is. Marvel as people demand rigid definitions of what constitutes assholery, correctly indexed and tagged to OSHA standards so they can study up in advance before they dare attend a con! Because there's no other way they can figure it out, of course.

In conclusion, you must all go read seldomifever's Summer of Giles posting for today, a little post-Chosen story told as a series of answering machine messages left by Giles for Buffy.
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