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Procrastination techniques: an advanced guide.

Procrastination is bad. I have a story to finish for Sunday. Therefore I have not been procrastinating.

I most certainly have not been procrastinating by playing this. You should also avoid this game and follow my excellent example of not wasting time on it.

Sugar-free energy beverages I have tried while not working on this story:
Red Bull: Tried and true favorite.
Rockstar Sugar Free: My second favorite, and my choice when I want a giant can.
Amp Energy Sugar-Free Lightning: A light lemonade flavor, completely inoffensive.
Monster Lo-Carb: Vile.
Venom Mojave Rattler: Erk. I drank it while driving through the actual Mojave so it was blood-warm and maybe not tasting its best. Amusing packaging.

I'm not as obsessive as this guy, though. Nor have I tried any energy shots.

Giles FTW! continues to be my favorite procrastination. I need, however, a better source of screencaps. Or to make my own, which sounds suspiciously like work. Hmm, these look better than the ones I've been using, at least once I reach season 3. Wow, see, that Google search took up 5 whole minutes!

The Summer of Giles story, by the way, is not the first story I have worked on for my day, nor the second, but the third. I'm sticking with this one, I guess, not because I believe in it, but because I'm out of time. Deadline pressure is an amazing tool for generating faith from nothing.
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