top gear

Brief Top Gear comment

Just a brief FYI: Jeremy driving a Reliant Robin is "Top Gear at its finest" according to Mr Pedia. I agree.

ETA second comment in re: s15e02: The Lotus Elise is better in every way than the new Porsche Boxster Spider. Cheaper, lighter, faster, comes with air conditioning, and it has a top you can put on easily. It also has real door handles. Pah!

ETA2 to seldomifever: oh crap I forgot to do the newsletter last night. I'll do an edition tomorrow morning and you can do one a day late or something.
Okay, so I completely failed to post at all this week. Have been bookmarking all morning, though, so you should be good to go this evening.
Okie dokie! I'm probably going to defer it until after I manage to edit this story into postable shape, mind you, but I'll get the newsletter out before midnight my time.