dr who 7 ace

The secret revealed.

Why fans of Seven and Ace can also love Eleven: It's the nose tap.

(Also, let me tell you, Tumblr is a more fun place to be a fan than the various LJ clones right now. I mean, if you love Giles, the thing you'd do over there is make a Tumblog named "Fuck Yeah Giles" and post daily picspams of love. As simple as that.)
The truth of this picture is overwhelming. I think Eleven's random shouty speeches that end up getting a bit muddled and hilarious don't hurt either.
Oh, god, the irony of that shouty speech in this last one! Taunting his enemies to drive them off while all along...
A Fuck Yeah Giles site would be awesome. I think I've seen a Fuck Yeah Anthony Head somewhere. It was neat!
Holy fuck, that's gorgeous! Um, less BG and more Giles gen? Well, I think I'd love both, but damn if BG doesn't always blow me away. FTW...I LOVE it!
I can easily change the name of the tumblog on the fly. Hmm. Let's see. It's now gilesftw and I think I'll just leave it like that. And scrapbook lots of BG stuff just 'cause.
Ok. This gilesftw site of yours is the best thing on the internet. Makes me happy whenever I visit. Thank you!!!
I'm branching out a little bit into fic reccing via excerpt. Is fun. Is almost restoring my will to write.
I am beyond sick of the current round of meta. Attacking the comfy blanket of fanfic, hurt/comfort? *Really?*
Still going on. Expect the proliferation of bingo prompt cards to come to a screaming halt as they are suppressed one by one on various political grounds. Except kink bingo, of course. The watersports and incest fic is sacred.