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Doctor Who s05e12 reaction post

Um, wow?

That's quite a lot of knife-twisting, even though we had the true use of the mumble mumble pegged pretty early on. Lovely set of cliff-hangers, Mr Moff!

I think I would have enjoying seeing Seven as the Doctor in this particular storyline. The irony and the biter-bit-ness would be most delicious. Hoist on your own petard, Doctor!
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I thought it was kinda obvious from the previews from last week about who was going to be in the box, I just couldn't figure out how it was going to be done. Still, it was a good episode.
The sign of a great ep: when you get emails from people who you don't speak to for months on end saying "OMG!" and your dad of all people asks you if there is another episode...

I loved it. All of it. I knew I would because I'm a sucker for anything roman! And them getting permission to film at Stonehenge itself was pretty damn awesome...