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Really I should just be using my desktop Mac. But that isn't new technology!

My Macbook is off having surgery on its hinge, so today I type at you from the medium of my iPad + a keyboard dock. The iPad needs multitasking and a clipboard API before I'd ever consider living without my Macbook, but it will do in a pinch. I synced the text of a bunch of stories to the iPad using Evernote. I'm attempting to write this way, sans BBEdit. At least I can put my feet up on my desk in proper concentration/think/work mode.

State-dependent learning! I am its slave.

Random: This wank delights me. Fanfic writers pulling a GRRMartin about their open-for-more-ficcing AU universe! It's awesome in particular because the names are so huge in fandom political circles, so you'd have thought the wankers would have known already how fanfic works. Known to be braced for the exploration of surprising undercurrents in their own fic. But deliciously, no!

And now back to lost artifacts, underground rivers, and erupting volcanos.
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Dang you, that's half an hour lost to wanksploring. I think the best part is the precision with which the insults are delivered. "And YOU! and You! and YOU! were there writing and reading and thinking horrible things about my people..."
You are a terrible influence.

I think my favourite part is the way the creepy Disneyesque 'everything is happy and love and kindness EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE,' mixes with the 'FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOU!!!'

At least she's trying to push these people out of her sandbox, rather than kidnapping them and cutting off their feet and demanding they rewrite.

It just made me feel bad for her. There's obviously something causing her a lot of pain and it doesn't seem likely she'll ever self-aware enough to get help for it.

I could kinda see the point the other one made, though. She's not very psychotic at all.
Not psychotic, maybe, but also completely unwilling to rein in her psychotic defender. And entitlted, and frankly stupid given that she's prone to straying far from canon herself in her fic. What did she *think* would happen? If she wanted just worship for her fantasy of creepy extended families, she should have specified it up front instead of labeling it a "kink meme". So not a lot of sympathy from me, here.
To be fair, I only half-read one of synecdochic's replies, but it seemed to me she was saying she felt like they were being mocked? I took it to mean in her head they were all having a really good time writing these stories and she felt like she just found out everyone else was laughing at her behind her back.


I'm not really that invested in it. I'm not in SG-1 fandom and I personally hate the character they created the community for. If you've never seen SG-1, just picture a much less interesting, less attractive and older Riley.

I dunno, maybe it's the psych student in me that just makes me feel sorry for the other one. I mean, yeah, she's batshit crazy with the yelling about it, but you don't get to that point and get that upset about something without some awful rl stuff to back it up. It just screams "defense mechanism" to me. Thinking she needs a break from the internet, in any case.
I think you're totally right about ivorygates. She's in horrible pain about something, probably something she has no idea about. It's sort of awful to watch.
Okay, I've spent 45 minutes following this current wankpocalypse.

Wow. :shakes head:

I spent far too much time reading that wank yesterday. The longer I dwelt on it, the more I found it upsetting rather than funny.
I think it turned creepy after a while, as the cultishness of the fans-of-the-fanon became obvious. The idea of the people Ivorygates spewed on *apologizing* to their abusers is horrifying, but that's exactly what they ended up doing. Synecdochic seems not to be cluing in that she doesn't get to demand that people interrogate her texts from certain perspectives, because people are *apologizing* to her about it. What the hell.

Cult. Just like the family described in the fic.