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The strange lives of our forefathers

I was just doing some quick reading on Wilkie Collins, to see if Giles and Watson might be likely to have a conversation about his novels. Watson would be interested, since The Moonstone is usually labeled the first English-language detective story. (The two might discuss Huck Finn, but I think Watson unlikely to have read it.)

What a whacky weird life Collins led, huh? Opium addiction, ongoing long-term relationships with two women, big buddies with Dickens.

[Edit] More with the research! YouTube, home of pirated video, has a crappy selection of G&S. Practically the only decent clip is
this song from Patience, featuring the excellent Bunthorne of Dennis Olsen. (NB: Giles and Watson go to see the Mikado in its final month at the Savoy. Which is the bit I'm writing now. Perhaps for (cough) research I will go re-watch Topsy-Turvy)
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