Oh noes! Hypothetical remix meme.

If you could remix any of my stories, which would it be and how would you remix it?

Remix without the responsibility!
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The only ones I'd like to change would be Ars Draconis and A Soft Place to Land. I'd turn them into BG romances instead of gens. :)
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I've always wanted to know what Giles' father was thinking during his conversation with Buffy in Mutual Society (Watcher's Child series). It seemed like there were clues about Giles' father and mother being a Watcher/Potential pair and then Giles senior was so pleased with the Giles/Buffy banter I wanted to discover how Giles senior viewed Jenny and Giles' nuptials. Of course if the original author wanted to write her own remix there would be at least one thrilled reader...
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All will be revealed.

Eventually. If I manage to *finish* anything in that series. The next thing planned there is to hook up with the season 2 plotline, in the form of some repercussions for Giles after Jenny is possessed by Eyghon in "The Dark Age". His past catches up to him, and she has rather more reason to be upset this time.

Sort of angsty, and I'm flinching from writing it.