Ah, Gordon, good to see you.

Remix authors are revealed! And we learn that anyjay wrote the lovely "Daisy Chains" that many of you enjoyed just as much as I did. I myself committed Whofic for the Remix, which is why none of you were in danger of having accidentally read it and guessed it was me.

Spent yesterday alternating between replaying Half-Life 2 and writing two different stories at once. This was an exercise in balanced procrastination. I need to do some serious re-outlining in the Iceland story to make sure I have properly understood my antagonistic force (she said, vaguely), and I am really really not wanting to. Sigh. Work.

Half-life 2 is a wonderful piece of story-telling, by the way, if you've never played it. It's out now on Steam for Macintosh, so I expressed my appreciation for Valve's new cross-platform-ness by paying for it again. Thought I might as well replay it. And despite having traveled that path before, five minutes in I was experiencing hatred, then later rage, and then fast-breathing panic. The next couple of hours were a tactical slaughter of fascist semi-human military police, and I knew exactly what I was fighting for.

This is what happens when game companies hire writers.

The bad guy in HL2 is named Wallace Breen. This amused Mr Pedia when he observed it when I first played it, and he asked me if it was a reference to the convicted child molester Marion Zimmer Bradley was married to most of her life, Walter Breen. (He was the subject of a couple of famous SF con scandals of the kind that make you wish fans would be a little bit less accepting of the "foibles" of their fellow fans and a little bit more into swinging baseball bats.) It's possible, and it would be funny if so.

Last night I watched the latest Doctor Who with sahiya then we binged on a big chunk of this season's House. I loved the season ender, and will be rewatching it later today, perhaps along with the one just before it. Hugh Laurie: great actor. As I type this now, Mr Pedia is launched into his second rewatch of all of this season's Who. I think Eleven has a fan. Though Amy Pond and River Song probably don't hurt the season from Mr P's point of view.

I observe that LJ is having DNS troubles. Maybe I should take that as a sign and go off and write like a good drone.

ETA: There are possible spoilers for House in the comments.
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I agree, Hugh is an excellent actor, but I hated that last ep. And the end? Oof! I did have the feeling, though, that if I'd been shipping those two for years, I would have been ecstatic, but for a newbie, it seemed completely contrived and ridiculous. Made this whole season feel like filler. Next season will give us what this one should have: Cuddy and House slogging through the tough stuff.

I will confess that I've been shipping them for ages, and that I felt the season ender last year was one of the scorchingest things that has ever scorched my TV screen, so I was more pleased than somebody who doesn't would have been. The season was about him becoming worthy of her. He continues to dip her pigtails in inkwells to express his affection, but he had to move past that and grow up considerably. The season has been about him behaving better and not necessarily seeing any rewards for it. (People persist in mistaking his motives, for instance.)

The part I was missing was *her* character development through the season, and even in that episode. How does she get from "I'm through" to "I can't get over you"? Is it his speech to Hannah that does it? Certainly it's a major character inflection point for him. He said it out loud. Where others could hear him. He said what we're sure he's known since his therapy at the beginning of the season, and what his friends have known for a while. So may be that's enough?

Oops. Must now put a spoiler warning on the original post.
Yeah, you know, it was her part in it that made no sense. The guy she's been with all season was really nice (aside from that dumb ep where he destroys Wilson's house). He was great with her daughter, he was incredibly supportive. Why would she go from agreeing to marry him to taking a chance on House? I hated that she was MIA most of this season. We should have seen more of how hard it was for her to let House go.
We should have seen more of how hard it was for her to let House go.

Yes, this, exactly. Instead we got her treating him horribly at Thanksgiving, for instance.