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Doctor Who s05e09 spoilerific discussion

Let's discuss this one. Or point me to discussion. Or something. Major spoilers inside!

The episode is clumsy and unpersuasive until the last five minutes. Well, here's some commentary on it anyway, just to get it over with:

The Doctor annoyed the hell out of me during the negotiations with the Silurians, because he was holding the two species to radically different standards. A distressed mother whose husband and child had been taken captive was held to a higher standard than a military leader who was aggressively attempting to provoke war. Not cricket, sir. Not the least. Not even remotely believable, come to that. (Note that you knew the military leader was evil because she had a Prussian army dueling scar over her eye. Stereotypical Germans are stereotypically evil. QED.)

Robed benevolent alien leader is lizard ex machina. Snore.

Meera Syal also appeared in Moffat's Jeckyll as a detective. I liked her character in this ep.

This Doctor has been fairly pissed off with humanity several times already this series. Interesting.

And now, the last five minutes.

The ring is a gun on the mantelpiece, as yet unfired. It is the promise that the matter of Rory will be revisited.

Rory stands in a grave in the first episode of this two-parter, while the kid tells him that the earth is eating dead people. That incident is as yet unexplained, but it foreshadows the end. So is the choice in "Amy's Choice": is the Doctor going to make a choice between two versions of reality later? Hmm, does this explain why Amy doesn't remember the Dalek incident? The Daleks are dead and the memory of them eaten?

The TARDIS itself is threatened by whatever's on the other side of the crack. This is deeply disturbing, because Companions come and go, the Doctor himself changes, but the TARDIS remains. And has remained for 45 years. Talk about your fixed points!

The Doctor made two mistakes in this one: he let the kid run off and get captured, and he delayed at the crack long enough for Rory to get killed.

Does the Doctor remember Rory? I assumed yes, because he's a time traveler with the meta-frame referred to earlier, but I'm not sure we get direct evidence. It's a nastier emotional setup if he does remember and must be with Amy, who does not. If he restores Amy's memories, he also restores her grief. I will think less of the series if they undo Rory's death, but I imagine they might flinch there. Mr Pedia thinks Moffat doesn't have the guts. We'll see how it works out.

Mr Pedia complains that he's always learning new rules about how the crack-in-time eats things. They're not set up in advance.

What did you think of this one?f
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I think Rory is dead for good, but Amy will eventually remember him. This is what I hope for, at least.

I hadn't thought to wonder if the Doctor can't remember him after all. I guess there isn't much direct evidence, except Matt Smith's performance at the end of the episode. The Doctor is clearly gutted, probably far more than he ever expected to be.
I don't think we get any unambiguous clues about the Doctor's memory afterward. It's easily resolved, though, and I'm sure we'll be told soon enough. I thought it was interesting that Mr P & I assumed that of course he remembered, but I saw discussion online wondering if he did or not. I should rewatch this one.
I liked Rory but I hope he's dead for good - we had enough bloody resets during RTD's time on the show, thank you very much. LOL. Let's see if the new series has the balls the classic series did when it killed off Adric.

I liked this two parter even though it was sort of "by the numbers". In fact, I've liked the whole season and I never thought I would.

I think there's more to Amy than just this memory business. Even from the start you had to wonder what "aunt" would go out late at night and leave a 7 year old on their own like that. Is she something to do with this Pandorical thingie herself? This "crack" seems to be wherever she is - or wherever the Doctor is...so I guess that could be linked.

I just don't want a reset. I don't want an RTD-style "it never happened" crappy kind of ending.
I for one will feel cheated and disappointed if Rory is restored to life. It had better be one HELL of a stunt to satisfy me.
I'm just plain confused. They leave Tardis, see Rory and Amy on hill in distance waving. So Rory and Amy are alive at that moment and, supposedly, living near the mine?

Then their adventures underground mean Rory is dead and so he is also dead in his "other life" because only Amy is now waving when they leave.

But that Rory wasn't the Rory who died! You can't treat one character in one way - Rory dying and vanishing - and Amy 'going off in Tardis but apparently still living in village' in another.

Or am I missing something.

And I personally think everything this series is played out on the 'wrong' side of the crack. The real side is the glowy one.
Yes! This is one of our complaints about the erasure: it seems to have *no consequences* other than the person forgetting about the erasure victim. The soldiers in Flesh & Stone get eaten, but are not replaced by *other* soldiers who would surely have been there if those other people had never existed. Amy's life will surely be different without Rory, with different choices made, but we are supposed to believe that she'd end up on that hill waving anyway.

So I agree, either there's something we don't yet know that makes it all consistent, or we're not understanding the rules yet (Mr P's complaint) or it's sloppy writing (I don't yet want to believe that, though I would certainly already have believed it were RTD still in charge). I like your alternative explanation: the other side of the crack is real.

I thought at first that we'd be seeing a short time hop happening in this episode. The Rory & Amy waving from the hill were a hint about how the puzzle of the week would be resolved. Ha. No.
I am firmly convinced that Rory will be back. The explosion that caused the crack happens on what is supposed to be Amy's wedding day and it all seems to revolve around her.

Regardless of what happens with Rory, Moffet has me fascinated with where this season is going.
I just got around to watching!

I hope that Rory isn't dead, but I would hope Moffatt does have the guts to keep him dead. I am utterly fascinated by this series. I am really looking forward to having everything figured out by the Doctor.
I was so sad to see Rory go! He was a much better companion's boyfriend than Mickey ever was, I think that's why I liked him so much. Like others have said above me, I don't think it would be best to bring him back physically... bringing him UP would be different, and I would definitely be okay with that. And I agree wholeheartedly with the person who said they've enjoyed this season much more than they had imagined they would. I decided today when I watched this episode that Matt Smith has officially grown on me!