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I seem to have come unstuck in time.

I enjoyed this weekend's Doctor Who again. I find it ungodly refreshing that my reactions to the scripts this season haven't been furious disbelief at how nonsensical they are and how stupid everybody is being, even the Doctor. I feel as if I'm back in a rational universe. The other thing I like is how many of these new scripts put children front and center. Who is a kid's show, and this season is giving them scares and threatening things dear to them. I like the boy who's in the current two-parter, for instance.

Ceterum censeo Amy Pond seriously rocks.

My remixee seemed to enjoy my story, at least, though I have no evidence that anyone else did. Lack of commentage might simply be the move to hosting on AO3 killing the Remix community by separating it from the LJ community. I find this fascinating: the barrier of having to create Yet Another Account on Yet Another Tiny Website is just enough to depress the urge to leave feedback. Or maybe it was just my story.

I fear to look into my id. Fear. So I have not commented there.

Iceland has come off the back burner. Scheduled posting date: my Summer of Giles day.

I should finish the angry elevator!sex BG thingie I wrote in response to prompts a month ago. Oh, god, where did the last month go?

I broke the hinge on my Macbook lid, so my presence online has been sporadic. My life is on that Macbook and the prospect of handing it over for repair (which I must do) freaks me out. My data is all backed up, but I will be deprived of the peculiarly useful assemblage of it which is this computer. I have no idea how to write without it any more. Bleat! Bleat!

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