I seem to have come unstuck in time.

I enjoyed this weekend's Doctor Who again. I find it ungodly refreshing that my reactions to the scripts this season haven't been furious disbelief at how nonsensical they are and how stupid everybody is being, even the Doctor. I feel as if I'm back in a rational universe. The other thing I like is how many of these new scripts put children front and center. Who is a kid's show, and this season is giving them scares and threatening things dear to them. I like the boy who's in the current two-parter, for instance.

Ceterum censeo Amy Pond seriously rocks.

My remixee seemed to enjoy my story, at least, though I have no evidence that anyone else did. Lack of commentage might simply be the move to hosting on AO3 killing the Remix community by separating it from the LJ community. I find this fascinating: the barrier of having to create Yet Another Account on Yet Another Tiny Website is just enough to depress the urge to leave feedback. Or maybe it was just my story.

I fear to look into my id. Fear. So I have not commented there.

Iceland has come off the back burner. Scheduled posting date: my Summer of Giles day.

I should finish the angry elevator!sex BG thingie I wrote in response to prompts a month ago. Oh, god, where did the last month go?

I broke the hinge on my Macbook lid, so my presence online has been sporadic. My life is on that Macbook and the prospect of handing it over for repair (which I must do) freaks me out. My data is all backed up, but I will be deprived of the peculiarly useful assemblage of it which is this computer. I have no idea how to write without it any more. Bleat! Bleat!
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I've mostly enjoyed this series of DW too. The lack of histrionics compared to previous years is a relief. Even the music seems to have calmed down a bit.

As for that id fic thing - I'd never even looked at the original post. Now I have, no way I'm posting on it.
I was sad they hadn't canned whoever their bombastic composer is, but just turning it down in the mix is enough to mostly make it less obnoxious. I kinda hate the new version of the theme music, though. That needs to be electronic instead of orchestral for so many reasons, including the awesome history of the original recording.

Matt Smith is quirkily charming to watch in action. He twirls a lot.
My remix this year is on the low end of hits, but the ratio of comments to hits is higher than I've ever had, I think. It's weird.

Also, My life is on that Macbook and the prospect of handing it over for repair (which I must do) freaks me out. I only had to turn mine over for an hour or so to have the keyboard assembly replaced. It was all I could do not to freak out completely.
The laptops are personal in ways that the desktops aren't. But I'm fond of my desktop Mac as well, so I might just be squishy in the head.

I was reading somebody else saying that her Remix comment to hit ratios are lower than ever this year, so maybe you're bucking the trend? Or writing in a fandom where fic is rare and therefore precious? ETA: Or you wrote an awesome story in an obscure fandom :D I'd believe that too!

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It's a common fandom, but I think the warning I put on my fic has scared people off. Those who take a chance and read it like it, but it's getting past that initial, "No way," that seems to be the problem for me.

And I think you're right: laptops are personal in a way that desktops aren't, possibly because they can go almost everywhere we can go. My MacBook is essentially a fifth limb.
I must admit that I haven't read as many stories for remix this year, so far. I don't know if it's the format or what, but I will try to carve out some time tomorrow for stories.

My remix has had good comments, but not one from my remixee yet, which I find a bit strange. I'm looking forward to the reveal though, so there's that.
I find the AO3 site vaguely annoying most of the time. The absurdly short story listings (what, 25 per page?) make browsing painful. I always come away disappointed.