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It's too darn hot

I'd like to coo with my baby tonight
and pitch some woo with my baby tonight
I'd like to coo with my baby tonight
and pitch some woo with my baby tonight
but sister you fight my baby tonight
cause it's too darn hot
it's too darn hot

Hot in the Silicon Valley today. In the high 90s, and supposed to be hotter tomorrow. We have no hope of rain, as you people in other parts of the country do. It won't rain until November or so. No relief in the house, other than a few fans. I was seriously thinking about going into work earlier this afternoon, because my office is well-refrigerated. I didn't.

Instead I wrote a nice chunk of the Tarot story, most notably the scene where mumble makes his big appearance. My big realization with this story was that the tone needed to be early Buffy tone: basically comic, with darkness around the edges. Nasty stuff happens, but it happens to people who are happy at the core. So this Giles is slightly goofy, the sort of guy who can wear a silly sombrero and a serape, and then take them off to fire up a chainsaw.
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