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The same thing we do every day, Pinky.

Today's agenda:

A trip to the gym, during which I will put weights on a bar and fling the bar around. Project Pushup continues to make me feel absolutely fantastic.

Laundry. Laundry never ends.

A writing session featuring Buffy/Giles of some sort or another. Two different stories are clamoring for my attention.

A re-read of the Remix, which I posted yesterday afternoon in excellent time for the deadline. If I am killed in a tragic steamroller accident, I will have fulfilled my obligation. But I'd like it to reach a third draft this week. I got excited about it for the first time yesterday.

A couch potato session with one of the 6 episodes of this season's House that are sitting on my iPad, ignored. Only if writing isn't happening.

ICC10 hardmodes with my WOW raiding guild. Tonight we'll try heroic Festergut and likely kill it. Then maybe clear out Putricide & the Lich King on normal, just to get the badges or Kingslayer titles for a couple more guildies.

PS: Rain again? It's MAY. MAY. It's not supposed to rain in California in May.
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