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Who s05e07, no spoilers reaction.

We watched Who s05e07 and were mightily pleased. This episode was all character work following an episode that was an old-fashioned cheesy romp. Strong writing once again. The storytelling rules are clear and they are ones I can respect.

This series of Doctor Who is, already, better than any series of New Who since the first year with Eccleston. If you want to give the show a try, go for it now. I think we might be watching a Doctor for the ages. (Certainly he is for me: right up there with Seven and Two already.)
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I agree. Apart from the Dalek episode I've enjoyed all this season. Which is a way higher average than anything since 1989...

Also? Seven, Two and Eleven are my top three now. I am reassured you think this too, since it means my brain is working correctly.
WHAT was with that Dalek episode? From the clumsy caricature of Churchill to the stupid idea of Spitfires being turned into spacecraft in mere minutes to the "he feels emotions therefore he is human" idiocy at the end (that defused the bomb how, again?) it was just SO amazingly stupid. It seems to have come from another universe from the rest of the scripts.

Amy Pond is neat-o. I loved it when she said what she said about the science of the star thingie (being vague to stay non-spoilery).

Other things I like about this season: the way it echos things in classic Who serials without requiring that you know them. (Valeyard, perhaps?) Matt Smith's take on the Doctor, which is manic in the way the Doctor must be, but idiosyncratically Smith. The eccentricity of the TARDIS console.
WHAT was with that Dalek episode?

It's an aberration, I can only assume. Because we know that Mr Moff recognises a good story when he sees one. So I can't explain why thus far all the non-Moff episodes have been quality except for That One.

Amy Pond is neat-o.

She is the dog's bollocks. (Oh. In case you need clarificatiion: in the UK, 'bollocks' = rubbish, but 'dog's bollocks' = brilliant.)

I'll own that I was a little miffed when she tried to jump the Doctor, a few eps back. Not that I have any problem with Doctor!sexings. Not at all. But if there's going to be romantic tension between the Doctor and A Companion, I like it to be a slow-burning thing. Filled with angst and denial and 'oh, but he/she/it is so young compared to me!' and 'but he is an alien, can he even Do It?' and stuff.

So at the time the Amy/Eleven thing felt throwaway and kinda kissing-for-the-sake-of-kissing.

Little did I know that it was one step in a very plausible little emotional arc all of Amy's own. And it worked really, really well.

(Valeyard, perhaps?)


Oh dear god, did I just write 'totes'? Forgive me.

I completely agree. My thought, upon first viewing the episode, was 'Master'. Or possibly the 'Mind Robber' guy. Or the Meddling Monk. Or the Rani. But mainly the Master.

But once I watched it again and got a real chill from the line 'there's only one person in the universe who hates me this much...' I was all over the Valeyard parallels.

I'm loving all the classic Who nods. Just goes to show that you can reinvent a drama without discarding its origins.