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Getting all the junk out of my head and onto LJ.

LJ posts are my version of Morning Pages. I read metafandom, groan and/or mutter under my breath, write something in response, then usually delete it all unposted. This morning I wrote something about how much I love science fiction. Then I went to the gym to fling heavy metal objects around. In the shower afterwards I figured out a pacing problem in the knighting story. It was a structural problem, as always, and now I know how to fix it. Compress the action! Compress!

So, with the goal accomplished, the post is deleted. Writing commences. It's writing in the wrong story, given that Remix is due Sunday, but it's writing. Won't complain.

(Aside: Here's an undeleted bit, referring to the last metafandom topic but one. Specifically, the bizarre attack pro fantasy writer Gabaddon made on fanfic last week. Yup, wrong-headed, yup, self-destructive, yup, hypocritical. Why is fandom paying attention to that even for a second? We don't need blessings from profic writers and their curses are equally irrelevant.

That barn door's been open for thirty years now. There's no way writers like Gabaldon are going to find the horses, never mind be able to scare them back in. So ignore her and carry on!)

Project Pushup: I found a t-shirt that says "heavy squats fix everything", and I'd agree with that except that squats haven't fixed my push-up problem. Fixing that requires pushups. I weep.
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