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Step three is profit!

It's a good thing I have until Sunday for Remix, because oh god, I am procrastinating like mad. I haven't even created a file for it yet. Obviously I can't write anything yet! I don't have a file!

Okay, I just made a file for it and checked it into my fic repository. That's step two. Step one was choosing a story to remix, which I did two weeks ago. I even have an idea for what I'll do with it. Step three is typing a cruddy first-draft-y opening sentence for it, right? Or any sentence, really. It can be from the middle.

Yeah, I got nuthin'.

I'm going to draw a single tarot card and see what it dislodges in the creative back side of the brain. ... Oh. Okay. Wow. I can work with that. That's a title, too.

And there's 200 words.

Right, see you later, glad we had this little chat.

Listen: "Everlasting (Emotional Mix)", Andy Blueman, Sea Tides.
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