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Pointers to meta I think is worth reading.

This unfunny business writeup about awful behavior from a single BNF in SPN fandom has sort of exploded all over the place in fandom this week. If you haven't read it yet, as some of my flistians might not have, you might want to just so you have the context of the conversation. For further reading about the rape culture issue, I recommend "A Mother's Day Plea, disguised as a rant.". Ignore the outbreak of the Libertarian Fallacy from one of the commenters because it will make you want to spit nails; just read the post itself.

I think this is my favorite meta post of the week: "Fannish spaces, girls, and the culture of silence.". This one widens the discussion to all of fannish culture.
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I finally broke down today and caught myself up on it. Wish I hadn't, I've been spitting nails all afternoon!

Thanks for the links, one of which I had not seen.
She just kept on digging and digging that hole, didn't she? After a while I couldn't be angry any more, I was just so stunned and amazed by the performance.

The original SPN fan who caused it all is a real piece of work. I'm guessing serious alcohol problem on top of the uber-sleazy husband.
Didn't she, though? Made me sad; even though she's never been on my flist, she's always been around and I always thought well of her. Well, that's over.

Original BNF should be worried about her much-vaunted security clearance. No way this doesn't get out.
How *can* it be? Seriously, how can it? So many people who are strangers to each other, really, coming together to discuss a shared source of entertainment. We think we know each other; sometimes we meet each other and *do* get to know each other. (Some peeps on my LJ flist are now RL friends.) But mostly we really don't. You get a tiny slice of me, a controlled presentation of one of several public personas. How can you know who I am?

We both like to read Character A having adventures with Character B. Is that a guarantee that we'll share any core values at all?

The loudest voices of meta-fandom have a particular set of politics and values that are not actually the values of the people who are the majority of fandom. The majority of fandom is going to have the values of the cultures it comes from. Welcome to the United States of the 21st century, where we put rape victims on trial and lie to ourselves about our racism. Let's not be surprised by this. Let's not expect fannish utopia when we go to these cons and meet 500 of our bestest friends face to face for the first time.
That has been the silver lining the whole thing. Fandom, for the most part, has been "Hell No!" It's the few idiots that make me mad.
Damn you, for coercing me into wasting hours reading about stupid instead of working on Giles porn!

Though now I know that those times I was felt-up on public transport, it was actually my fault, for not specifically and clearly explaining to the poor gentlemen in question that I did not consent to them touching my breasts.

Guess I should track them down and apologise for punching one, and pushing the other down the bus stairs. I was completely in the wrong.

(Except, neither informed me of an unwillingness to be punched or pushed down stairs, so does that mean they consented? Now I'm confused.)

Seriously. Hours. I read the libertarian. Damn you.


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Obviously if they'd wished not to be punched, they haven't clearly and specifically explained to you that they didn't consent to being punched. So they consented. DUH.

This wank has everything, I feel. It has drunken public misbehavior from a BNF that we can stare at as if watching a train wreck. It has the BNF melting down and attempting to strong-arm an anon meme comm into compliance, which rebounds on her in a spectacular example of the Streisand Effect. It has A+ prime old-fashioned wank from the bystander who wants to tell you how her paganism says the complainers were doing it wrong.

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Grandstanding of empty lawyer threats, two drinks.

Thread in which one poster announces twice or more that this is absolutely the last thing she'll say before she never posts again, one drink.

Vast majority of kerfuffle built on hearsay and inaccurate conflation of totally different events, finish the bottle.

Huh, just read it here and there, because honestly, it's like five seasons of a Lifetime Network drama in script form. Normally, I'd go pop some popcorn and sit down with some evening's entertainment.
If this is coming to light now and it was supposedly 'handled' in 2008, it's my guess that one of the victims is probably moving from fear and shame into anger right about now and that's why the post. More power to the original anonymouse and I hope the real victim(s) get through this all right, but I'm not going to enjoy watching this circus knowing that it most likely stems someone or some ones trying to work their way past what happened.
What happened was that the SPN BNF attempted to register for this year's version of the con. Her money was refunded and she was reminded that she had been banned 2 years ago. She then melted down all over the place, complete with threats of lawyers. I think the people who had been distressed by her behavior had complained 2 years ago and then been done with it.
Ah, if that was the spark then good enough. I'd hate to think of someone just coming to that point two years later.

But yeah, it's amazing how people think that banning is some sort of time-out. Repercussions suck. That's exactly why they exist.