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In which I squee at Eleven and roll my eyes at Thirty-Four.

Am writing in fits and starts.
Remix is in progress, so are two different BG stories.
Nothing to report, really.

I am not in the mood at all for BG kink, but have instead been writing rather gentle stuff with the two of them. H/C is rule of the day. However, I have 10K words of Buffy/Oz/Xander kink that I have no idea what to do with. That story just keeps going, somehow.

Linkie! teamelevenftw over on Tumblr is just a non-stop cavalcade of cute. S05e06 was a ton of old-school Who fun. Eleven joins Seven and Two at the top of my favorite Doctors list.

I read Buffy Season 8 issue 34, and I have only this to say about that: I had always thought of myself as a Buffy/Angel shipper. I mean, if she has to commit necrophilia with a demon reanimating a human corpse, the series went there with Angel first. Doing it with Spike was just a retread. But after issue 34, I've changed my mind. If I have to ship Buffy with a vampire, it's Spike all the way. The idea of Buffy with Angel is just nauseating now.

I think Jeantty's art is to thank for that.

I also resent the comics for reigniting the nasty shipper wars that marred the BtVS fandom while the series was still in progress. Apparently people are still that invested in the canonicity or otherwise of their ships. So yay, shit writing + shit art add up to a fandom that's disappointed, disgusted, distressed, or disgracefully triumphant for the moment (but cruising for bitter disappointment, if Whedon stays true to form).

It's nice to be out in the purely fanfictional world of non-canonical ships. I have never been under any delusion that Official Series Writers(tm) will give me Giles/Buffy or Giles/Xander. This is freeing. I'm not waiting for abusive parents to throw me crumbs from the official table. I'm off cooking my own meals with fellow fans. Hooray for BG idfic!
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