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In which I ramble.

I came down with an annoying head cold yesterday. I felt progressively worse at the day went on. Now I'm at the blowing-nose-constantly phase. Honk. Honk.

Wrote another thousand words in the knighting story. Friends, I no longer care about deadlines. I am just writing the stories in whatever fashion I can manage to write them. I have some more prompt responses in progress, too, which I will refuse to let myself think about and over-edit.

And yet, I'll meet the Remix deadline as I ought. Sigh. I haven't started yet. Sigh. I'm more or less screwed on that-- haven't yet found anything overlapping between my fannish realms and those of the writer I'm assigned. This despite the existence of one fandom in common. Kinda startling. No, wait, I think I found something. A thread of something that I can tug on until the story it's attached to unravels.

We watched Doctor Who s05e05 yesterday and, huh. Interesting. No complaints, no raves. Particularly since we rewatched "Blink" and are recently reminded of what an effing amazing, tight script that was. That's brilliance. This episode was more diluted than that. Didn't suck, though. Nope. And Matt Smith is turning out to be one of my favoritest Doctors ever.

Let's see, what else? My Dreamwidth paid account has expired. Since I used it exactly zero times in the last year to comment or post, I figure it's not worth continued investment.
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