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I might be a little bit snarky today.

Oh dear, metafandom is overrun with links about Mary Sues. Tedious. If people must go all officious about the writing of strangers, I suggest they lecture the sporking communities, which are actively mean-spirited. The teenagers will grow out of their overt self-inserts and learn to disguise them as close-third narratives focusing on canon characters like everybody else.

In other news:
I am 6 episodes behind on House.
The weekend's Who episode was terrible.
There is no new Top Gear any time soon.
The knighting story is due at het_idcrack in less than two weeks.

Today is a writing day. That means no software development, no leisurely lunches with fellow underemployed geeks to discuss iPad app concepts, and no working out. Instead, headphones, laptop, feet up on the couch.

Listen: "Concrescence", Caspian, Tertia.

ETA: Mild spoilers for the Who episode in the comments.
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