oh dear

I might be a little bit snarky today.

Oh dear, metafandom is overrun with links about Mary Sues. Tedious. If people must go all officious about the writing of strangers, I suggest they lecture the sporking communities, which are actively mean-spirited. The teenagers will grow out of their overt self-inserts and learn to disguise them as close-third narratives focusing on canon characters like everybody else.

In other news:
I am 6 episodes behind on House.
The weekend's Who episode was terrible.
There is no new Top Gear any time soon.
The knighting story is due at het_idcrack in less than two weeks.

Today is a writing day. That means no software development, no leisurely lunches with fellow underemployed geeks to discuss iPad app concepts, and no working out. Instead, headphones, laptop, feet up on the couch.

Listen: "Concrescence", Caspian, Tertia.

ETA: Mild spoilers for the Who episode in the comments.
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The weekend's Who episode was terrible.

Thank you! As I told my roommate, I am OVER the Daleks. Most Doctors saw them once or twice during their incarnations. This is just overkill.

Also, Mighty Morphin' Power Daleks
Ooh, maybe that's the problem? The Daleks show up too freakin' often to stay interesting.

My husband said that the colored Daleks were an obvious tie-in toy opportunity. Collect the full rainbow of menacing pepper pots!
While I liked the implications of Amy not remembering the Daleks, overall the episode was a disappointment. Daleks are not supposed to be candy colored.

I'm hoping for better with next week. River and the Weeping Angels. *crosses fingers*
I am also hoping for great things from River Song. I'm curious, for instance, when she & the Doctor had their fling. As Eleven? as Ten? I dunno!
The teenagers will grow out of their overt self-inserts and learn to disguise them as close-third narratives focusing on canon characters like everybody else.

Tee hee! So true.
I always slip in and out of identifying with whoever my viewpoint character is for the current project. Seems to be necessary for the writing. However, it's more like roleplaying than self-injection and the influences travel from character to me. If I write, for instance, a lot of Giles drinking tea, I'll find myself drinking tea more often than usual. It's strangest when my viewpoint character is doing things alien to me. Buffy being into clothes, for instance, which canon is very clear about. I am not into clothes (classic lifelong tomboy) so it's strange to write her being feminine in that way. I have to find a connection point between the two of us and travel from there to find the sympathy that lets me write it naturally. Or with some vague hope of simulating natural-ness.

Xander's the character I have to do the least reaching for. His Babylon 5 collectibles and mine can sit on a shelf together.
Snort. No deeper than that for a lot of people, I suspect.

But sometimes I want to boink Giles, and sometimes I *am* him. When writing. Depending on whose viewpoint I'm in.
I kind of feel that way about Spock (the classic variety). I identified with him as a kid, but I think I also wanted to boink him without realizing it, exactly.

My POV character in fanfic is often the member of a pairing who is less personally attractive to me, so I can look at the pretty one through their eyes; OTOH, it's much easier for me to think Giles than to think Buffy.
Thank you for saying the Doctor Who episode sucked.
Though it did leave me wondering why Amy doesn't remember the Daleks. I think that's gonna keep me watching.
It was awful, wasn't it? I started out intrigued by the premise, then just kind of bored. I am mildly curious about why Amy doesn't remember them, though I'm also completely sure that I'll find out. Whether I want to or not.
I agree. The premise was interesting, but then it just fell short. Like a lot.
I just hope Moffat doesn't come up with a crap explanation for it or something. Like it was some kind of strange dream or whatever because then the BBC would start receiving very angry letters and e-mails from me.
I get the impression the story was intended to draw energy from emotional associations (London, WW2, Blitz, etc) that I just didn't have.

It got some mileage from me with the setting. I said to Mr P, "We have walked those very corridors! Or the corridors those are based on, anyway, at the Churchill museum." Then Churchill turned out to be a childish caricature of the man, and the plot one implausibility after another. Sigh.
Yeah. It really didn't work. And plus I kept getting distracted with the idea we'd see Nine, Rose and Jack running around in the background as they dealt with the nanogene stuff.
I didn't so much like this week's Doctor Who, either. As I was watching, I kept waiting for something interesting to happen and I do not like candy colored Daleks. For me, the only thing of interest was Amy not remembering them. Maybe he accidentally slipped through the crack into an alternate universe? Or everyone in the Whoverse is suffering from Sunnydale-Mom Syndrome? Guess we'll find out in the finale.
'Victory of the Daleks' was a steaming pile of arse gravy. (Except for one nice reveal: "You didn't invent us, we invented YOU!")

I'm not sure whether to be grateful that the Moff hasn't taken the RTD micro-managing approach and rewritten every submission that wasn't provided by a writer with more awards and talent than him or unhappy that this bodes not so well for Moff's ability as a show-runner. I suppose time will tell. (It always does.)

The very first time I wrote creatively, I was about nine years old and it was a story about the TARDIS landing in my bedroom and whisking me off to fight evil and have adventures.

I don't have a problem with younger writers inserting themselves into their stories. If I don't want to read something, it's easy enough to stop. And yes, obvious self-insertions normally make me stop, but that's my personal choice. Head-jumping, incorrect punctuation of dialogue and mixing up they're/their/there also make me stop. Those are my choices too. I wouldn't dream of telling other people that they SHOULD NOT ENJOY those stories.

If a Who fan told me that they loved 'Victory', and it's now their favourite ep ever, and it makes them happy? More power to them.

People are different. Different people like different stuff. We all bring an element of ourselves to the art we enjoy: experiences, proclivities, preferences. A story doesn't exist as a discrete item. It changes according to the perceptions of the person experiencing it.

Whatever happened to 'live and let live'?

I'm glad I don't follow metafandom. I think it would annoy me quite quickly. That said, I did follow your link rec to the piece on Protagonist Privilege. A very interesting article -- thanks for the pointer.

'House' has been hit and miss, lately. That said, 'House' in 'miss' mode is still more entertaining than most things.
The teenagers will grow out of their overt self-inserts and learn to disguise them as close-third narratives focusing on canon characters like everybody else.

^ Gave me the giggle!fits.

After thorough hating it the first time through, I re-watched the Dalek episode with my room mate for her sake and came to the conclusion that, if you took out the WTF Churchill cut-out, it's actually a fairly decent episode up until the WTF bomb diffusing scene. If nothing else they've set it up s that the next time the annoying cockroach pepper pots come back it won't be along with more "last ship falling through the cracks" drivel. Also, read somewhere, apparently they're leasing the things from the Terry Nation estate and lose rights to them if they don't use them every year. Not sure if that's a rumour or not, but it would explain a few things...
...and no working out.

After yesterday's workout, you probably needed the day off anyway! I tried the Dirty Thirty today because I wanted something to kick my ass. Boy, did it!! 42 minutes sucks, but I'd also never done a burpee before. Or a push press. Or wall balls. Watching videos really isn't the same. :) Overall, I feel ok about it. Not as good as I'd hoped for, but ok. lol
The burpees are deadly. They are always deadly. They sit there, menacing you from the end of the workout when you're tired and you already hurt and they hammer your cardio so freaking hard.

And they come right after the wall balls, which also make me want to use the verb "slaughter".

By comparison, the rope-jumping is relaxing.

Congrats! You finished! You officially rock!
Hah, yes, the burpees are deadly! Wall balls are fun, even though I was wheezing pretty hard by then and broke them into 10 rep groups. What really surprised me though was how hard the lunges were on the heels of kettlebell swings. I do three sets of 30 every Monday as part of a 5 station circuit and didn't think too much about them. My legs were shaky today as I reached thirty. It was a very good, fun, kick-ass workout. Should try it again sometime this summer, preferably not the day after my plyometrics workout. :)
The kettlebell swings are, for me, a heartrate recovery period, but I do that one a lot with heavier bells. I also did the wallballs in sets of 10. Surprisingly aerobic. (Just like thrusters, really.)

The Dirty Thirty is hard enough that I think you need rest days before and afterward. Especially if you're really going hard and trying to beat your last time on it. The ticking stopwatch is guaranteed to make me push into the next set whether I'm ready or not.

I love the Crossfit workouts in general. They're hard and varied. Never boring.