Dear remixer

Well, hey! Remix assignments are out and... okay, all right, there's no need to panic here. It'll be fine. Wait, that was meant for me, not for my remixer. Though hey, it works for you, too!

Don't panic. Everything will be fine. Grab whatever story interests you and make it yours. Have fun. My archive is really neurotically well-organized. Everything's there. The three stories that have been remixed previously are tagged as "remixed". That really should be everything you need! But if it's not, ask here anonymously and I'll do my best.

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Well, I'm afraid that's another Hellmouth opening. Buffy escaped by the skin of her teeth, but she's been separated from Giles and his Watcher buddy who's their guide. And I'm afraid she's underground in some truly old and disturbing tunnels.

It's funny, honestly, because I have been doing so much reading about Icelandic volcanos through history as research for that story.

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