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Finished a draft of something I have coyly said absolutely nothing about before now. It needs to cool off for a couple of days before I essay a second draft for it. Meanwhile... wittering! Or memeing. Or something to pass the time.

Yesterday I re-read and began tinkering with the Buffy/Oz/Xander kink story I started in December, and it was better than I remembered it being. More interesting, for one thing. Maybe I will witter about this, but behind a cut because these topics are not to everyone's tastes.

Context: this is a followup to a kink meme prompt fill I wrote that wanted Buffy/Oz/Xander, rough sex, Buffy on the bottom. Original anon post, titled & archived. I assume that you know to use your judgement before clicking the links. There's nothing in there that you haven't seen in fanfic before if you read the kinkier stuff. Blah blah.

Anyway. The sequel. It's exam week at UC Sunnydale. Buffy lives the life of a college student, takes her exams, and Slays at night. When she's got free time, she spends it with her two boyfriends. They enjoy lots of consensual hard-edged adult fun, with language and activities similar to those in the original short-short.

The original story gestures in the direction of some interesting issues-- all three of them are no longer entirely human because of accidental experiences. (I hypothesize lasting effects beyond the canon for hyena!Xander.) All three might have issues with identity, control, and their altered bodies. Character arcs keep wanting to intrude themselves into this story, particularly for Oz. I ruthlessly edit them out when I catch them, though, because this story is about Buffy and where she is right then.

And it's about Buffy's agency.

She knows what she wants and takes steps to get it. She's fortunate that her two friends enjoy what she wants as well, from the other side. We voyeurs catch them at a happy moment of equilibrium in this relationship. Which probably can't last, and I can't prevent the characters from hinting at their future movement. But I hope it doesn't get in the way of the pr0n.

I'm also sort of maniacal in this one about absolutely never judging the sexual behavior of any of them. Buffy gets to have sex when and how she wants with whomever she wants.

And now a despairing bleat: Why do I sweat this much over this stuff? Are enough people going to be entertained by it that it's worth it? I suppose there's craft still to learn. There's always craft to learn.

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Thank you for a story that makes so much more sense for what a Slayer (um, the Slayer) needs when it comes to sex. It always bothered me to see how weak and tentative Buffy was (first with Angel and then with Parker), begging for approval and acceptance. Arrgghh. With a side of Gr.
I totally bought Buffy's initial tentativeness. She's still a female in our society. Sex and shame go hand in hand.
I get that she was gun-shy after Angel. Sleep with him and he turns into a demon? Oh dear. (Thanks for the moral lecture about teen sexuality, Whedon.) Parker is even more burned fingers for her: she decides to brave it again, and discovers that sex doesn't necessarily come with a relationship bundled in the package.

Parker's behavior would have been fine by me if he'd been upfront about it. "Hey, let's have sex. It'll be fun! Then we'll go our separate ways." That lets everybody enjoy themselves. Instead we get the usual weird situation where sex is a thing that women have that men must trick them into giving up. What?

Riley, good old boring Iowa Riley, was the most healthy relationship she had in many ways. Laughable though it was to see that chemistry-free pair writhing around in "Wild At Heart", at least she was having sex and enjoying it.