yes, I was quite pleased with him :) And Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is going to be fun too. I liked the mix of wonder at the Doctor and the Tardis and how angry she was (for what I won't say, till everyone's seen it). Good stuff. This season's going to be fun. I also quite enjoyed Steven Moffat's episodes over the years so that's good too.

Now I need a new Doctor Who icon.
I need 11 Doctor Who icons, as it turns out. I probably have the slots for them if i can find some tasty ones!
Agreed. I was really happy with this episode. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would!
I was expecting to like it, afraid my expectations were too high, and braced for disappointment. Not like with RTD's year of specials, where if I wasn't rolling my eyes I was pleasantly surprised by the script. But I ended up just having fun with this, which is more than enough. Matt Smith is nicely funny-looking, in the grand tradition of Who actors.
I'm curious, did you pick up a Seven vibe from him like I did at the very end when she asks him why he's taking her along and he says it's just because she's waited so long?
I thought Five, of all things, not Seven. I always got hints of Three from Tennant's Doctor, even though he always claimed that Five was his Doctor.
It was sort of an assembly of Moffat screenwriting tricks in some ways, which made me nervous. But Smith had me eating out of his hand so fast. I stopped worrying about whether he would be a good Doctor or not and found myself just watching the Doctor in action as usual. So I was happy.