Remix! whee!

Signups are now open for Remix Redux 8. I have signed up, because Remix always ends up being a lot of fun. You all have my permission to throw fruit at me when I whinge about this one at the deadline. But really, you should sign up for it too and we can whinge at each other about our fits of nerves when the deadline hits.

The sides of my house are indeed now pink, but the front is a sort of hazy green with dark blue trim that looks pretty good so far. More cheerful than the house was previously, in its inoffensive muted yellow. It was the sort of color that people only choose when they want to sell the property. Now it is an opinionated house.

The pink, to my eye, has nothing to do with any of the other colors Mr Pedia chose. I... remain baffled.

At least the painting has moved past the "power tools blasting against the walls to remove paint" phase and onto the relatively quiet "men with brushes on stepladders" phase. The cats flee every morning when the handymen arrive and reappear cautiously about ten minutes after they leave. Wish I could hang out with them.

Back to BG idfic. Wanna hear about it n/n?
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I signed up for remix yesterday. I'm looking forward to it.

Yes, let's hear about B/G!!!
I realize you've known Mr. P for quite a while now but is there a shot he might be color blind? Sounds like a combo Hubby might throw together (unwittingly).
We're going on for 12 years together. Boggle! Mr P is not color blind. He does have different color vision in each eye. One of them sees colors are pinker, and the other as a little bluer. I've always wondered what, if anything, this does to his color sense.

Or maybe he just likes pink.
The house sounds like it would look 'large', now people visiting will say "It looks smaller on the inside." How unTARDIS-like.
But yes, your whinging is always entertaining. Sorry.
Our house: postage stamp sized. It's definitely smaller on the inside. But the back yard and deck are now very nice and comfy! And greenish.
Oooh, the front of the house does sound pretty. Much better than yellow, I think.
I signed up for the remix this year...first time doing it and not really sure what to expect. *LMAO*

I'm always ready to hear more about BG fic...always!