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Pouring its light into ashes.

I'm as surprised as anybody that the soundtrack for the latest story turns out to be the Grateful Dead live. My usual music is described by Mr Pedia as "untouched by human hands", and extended jazz-influenced jams are most definitely hand-crafted musical experiences. Wonders never cease.

Back to stuff you might care about slightly: I'm experimenting with id-cracky smut sans four-letter words. Definitely erotic when it wants to be, but fandom's favorite word for the male anatomy will not be making an appearance. Not that I object to the words, just that they don't really fit the tone of the rest of it. It's a thing. I'm trying it.

Tomorrow I'll need to switch modes to my genfic_minis story, for which I have an idea.

Random: Probably not-worksafe, in a blobby way, 1st century BC Roman coins.
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