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And so it goes

Last night I moped around the house bleating incoherently about how the story was going horribly and I was never going to figure it out and the talky exposition scene near the beginning was utter death. Then I tried to explain the problem to Mr Pedia and I figured out that I just didn't need the talky exposition scene near the beginning.

Exposition in dialog == death

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But I'm still relieved to realize that I can suppress it.

I made a new iTunes playlist for the writing thing, "Floating on a sea of green". It's anchored by tracks from the Primer soundtrack and Jon Hopkins, and I am liking it. It's less thumpy than my previous writing playlist. Mostly non-vocal, mostly electronic, mostly ambient, mostly cheerful.

Am taking a brief break from the story today and finishing a Core Four thing. It's short and mostly written already. I feel the need to feed myself a success pellet of some kind. Finishing a story, even a very short one, dispenses a pellet containing a dose of writer-feel-good.
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