Giles/Xander question

This morning's not-really-awake-yet thought.

Want Giles/Xander fic written to prompt that instead of saying "don't want Xander calling Giles G-man", instead wallows in the G-man-ness. The many obnoxious (yet affectionate) nicknames Xander has for Giles, and how Giles eventually clues in because of them.
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And jsut to press home the point, NOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!

I love your idea. And I'll take all the obnoxious, affectionate nicknames that an author can give me, if they'll stretch their imagination half an inch for something original, instead of dragging that poor, beaten, battered and thoroughly chafed 'G-Man' up again.

It was such a great exchange in the show, before it showed up in 50% of Giles/Xander fanfics.

Now anytime I find it, I replace it with something else. ~shifty gaze~

See, you're thinking about this all wrong. You need to think about this at the G-man story to end all G-man stories. After this one, no one will dare use the nickname in fic again, because every time they do, people will think of this story. The definitive word on G-manliness. There will be a smoking hole in the ground where this particular bit of fan cliche used to be.