Giles/Buffy helpless

I need more Giles/Buffy icons.

I might yet murder Mr Pedia over the house paint color decision that must be made by tomorrow morning. I will probably instead decide that I simply don't care and he can paint it whatever set of colors he wants. Does it matter really? No.

Some time this week I'll be learning how to do the Olympic lift known as the snatch. My cleans are still pretty crappy because of limited wrist flexibility, but I'm making progress. I really wish I could convince more women (by which I mean: you, dear reader) to lift weights. Gaining physical power has some very interesting mental and emotional side effects. The good kind.

Figured out the knighting story. Now it's just a matter of, er, typing. A lot. But at least I know where the characters are starting and where they're ending up and some interesting things they do along the way. I'm sure I'll lose confidence in it at some point, as usual. Must attempt to turn off the inner editor.
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How high impact is lifting weights? Is it the sort of thing that would put extra strain on my feet? I don't have the best lateral stability.
It depends on the specific exercise. It's nowhere near high impact the way any jumping or running action is. Many lifts are done sitting or lying on a bench. Most of the standing ones are done with the feet planted as a solid foundation, not as something you land on. The barbell clean and the snatch (shown in the video) are some of the more dynamic ones: up on tiptoes during that second pull! But those are advanced lifts. You don't do the more advanced stuff right away anyway. Have a few months of doing squats holding nothing at all!
Interesting. Something to think about.

I remember when my arms got really strong from crutching about two miles a day, and I really liked how that felt.
Do I count as a weight? I lift me. And I find it very satisfying.

Been doing Nautalus weights for a long time and now that I have reached senior citizenship, I continue to do so. Also still playing racketball which helps with grip and arm strength. Doing a Zumba class here and there as well, which gets the old quads rather stiff, but you know it has to help.