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3000 words in the kneeling!Giles story, most of them actual prose. Lots of stuff going on. Not sure I've sorted it all out, but it's time to discover through writing.

I have my Giles round genfic_minis assignment! No ideas for it yet, though one of the "things wanted" does give it a bit of a push in the direction of a particular setting.

At last, a solid writing day. And this despite Mr Pedia's demand that I visit a nursery with him this morning to pick out fruit trees for our newly-overturned back yard. Also, I have to pick house paint colors. There's a new deck in progress in our back yard as well. The cats are outraged and terrorized by the workmen by turns. Ms Inky Blot growls at them from the safety of the indoors. (That's next, kitten. We'll be flipping you out by renovating indoors too. I'm afraid you're going to be painted mauve or something.)
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