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Rah rah, keep plugging, rah rah.

Stories I have written at least a few words for in the last month, a mostly-complete list:

  • Giles/Buffy, knighting ceremony, het_idcrack prompt
  • Giles/Buffy, Iceland, demons, volcanos, swords, ice
  • Giles/Buffy, "Liegeman" final chapter, Sun Tzu and bruises
  • Giles/Buffy, Council-forced marriage, post-Helpless, can't decide if it's angst or romcom, for NutterBudgie
  • Buffy/Giles/Xander, post-Chosen cabin in Wyoming, angst and big skies
  • Giles/Ethan/Buffy, post-Gift swords-n-sorcery AU

It is indeed the year of Buffy/Giles, with epic tendencies. And the occasional third party.

Next problem to solve: finishing stories instead of just tinkering with them endlessly. I'm not sure how to do this just now. A reward system? One jelly bean per finished fic?

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