Giles/Ethan friends

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Writing accomplished today: zilch.

Despite this alarming failure, I've signed up for the Giles round of genfic_minis and you should too!

The catnip mice need to be refreshed.

A Buffy/Giles porn battle ficlet you probably didn't read. Because it's over on Dreamwidth, where our fandom has resolutely refused to go.

I see that the metafandom topic this week is comments on fic. My opinion: Well, heck, yeah, they're nice, and I appreciate getting them. I like knowing that people are reading and enjoying things. Please feel free to leave them any time you feel like it, and I'll do my best to respond. (Sometimes I have had the embarrassing experience of responding to a new comment on an old fic and discovering I failed to respond to an earlier comment. Whoops.) Don't feel obligated if it would add stress to your life in any way, though. I am anti-stress and pro-fun.

I have survived having my spelling, grammar, and word choices criticized in comments, so my official policy is to be mellow about con-crit. And to fix my spelling. If you want to discuss the symbol-structure of "Giles and Ethan Screw Like Crazed Weasels While Buffy Watches" in its comments section, go for it. I am mellow. And more than a little surprised that somebody noticed that it has one, because generally people don't.
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Oh, I figure a good f-up on Facebook now that Dreamwidth is up and running and people will interact with Dreamwidth more.

I'm pretty keen on any type of feedback, other than dumb stuff such as, "This was really good, but it would have been better if X & Y got together instead of X & Z!" And I really do adore comments that show people noticed the themes or symbols, etc., so if I notice in other's work, that's a particular one I try to comment on.
I polled my flist a while back when I was thinking of hopping over to DW, and the resistance to the idea was strong. Surprised me, honestly. But then, the hatred of LJ for actions that I classify as "behaving rather typically like a business" also surprises me.

Facebook, by the way, is genuinely evil in my book. They make a lot of money from outright scammy advertising and apps. People keep trying to get me to use it, but the most I'll do is crosspost to it from Twitter & Tumblr. Fucking evil. Do not ever give apps on Facebook permission to do anything. Don't install them in the first place.

Comments, sigh. I just like them to tell me if people are being entertained.