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Ms Inky Blot is assisting the composition of this entry.

Writing accomplished today: zilch.

Despite this alarming failure, I've signed up for the Giles round of genfic_minis and you should too!

The catnip mice need to be refreshed.

A Buffy/Giles porn battle ficlet you probably didn't read. Because it's over on Dreamwidth, where our fandom has resolutely refused to go.

I see that the metafandom topic this week is comments on fic. My opinion: Well, heck, yeah, they're nice, and I appreciate getting them. I like knowing that people are reading and enjoying things. Please feel free to leave them any time you feel like it, and I'll do my best to respond. (Sometimes I have had the embarrassing experience of responding to a new comment on an old fic and discovering I failed to respond to an earlier comment. Whoops.) Don't feel obligated if it would add stress to your life in any way, though. I am anti-stress and pro-fun.

I have survived having my spelling, grammar, and word choices criticized in comments, so my official policy is to be mellow about con-crit. And to fix my spelling. If you want to discuss the symbol-structure of "Giles and Ethan Screw Like Crazed Weasels While Buffy Watches" in its comments section, go for it. I am mellow. And more than a little surprised that somebody noticed that it has one, because generally people don't.
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