Giles/Buffy sword

It must hurt to kneel wearing chain mail.

Today's progress: 1600 words in a text file of notes, outline, and prose. Many of them are the wrong words (there's a subplot that I've just realized is all wrong), but that's okay. Process of discovery phase.

Today's research image.
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I think the painting is not Entirely Accurate(tm) in its depiction of mail, and they wore leather underneath. Still, probably not the comfiest clothes ever.
Ha. Had never heard of Spanx before now. And here I thought compression tights were only worn by athletes these days. (Love those things, btw, for recovery. Wear 'em to sleep in.)
Wow! and here I'd thought everyone was wearing glorified bicycle shorts under their formalwear these days!

Recovery from what, dear? Pregnancy? Binge drinking? Hip replacement surgery? (And does it speak to the odd place I'm at in my life that I could recover from all three at once?)
Recovery from serious muscular exertion. Any time I do one of the more ferocious Crossfit workouts that leave my legs feeling like jelly afterward, sleeping in compression tights helps. I guess they help for the same reason our great-grandmothers wore elastic socks: good circulation. Some people wear them during the ferocious exercise.
I believe they wore leather under the mail. I don't want to think about it too long though because then I start thinking about what that age must've smelled like...
There was a reason the spice routes east were so important. Though at least for this particular ritual, the dude was supposed to have bathed just beforehand.
I think I've seen quilted suits that were worn under armor, with integrated knee pads. So, between that and the cushion, maybe not so bad.

Have you ever heard of the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, Mass?

We went there last summer when we were visiting my mother and it was FABULOUS--truly fun for all ages. I'd happily have stayed there for twice as long as we were able to. My daughter got to use a sword in a demonstration!
Must. Go. There. Next time I visit the parental units I'll take the drive down to Woostah and visit. Looks amazing. Thank you for the tip!