Giles/Buffy sword

Where was I?

I am still sick, but finally on the mend. It was nothing more than a bad head cold, but I found it annoying. I hate being sick. Fortunately, it happens only rarely. It does mean that I've spent the past week asleep, mostly. And when awake, I blow my nose. Snorfle.

Prompt: For het_idcrack, someone prompted with "Buffy/Giles. During a knighting ceremony (by the Queen? by the Slayer herself?), or a similar rite, Buffy decides she likes him on his knees." Prompter, I like you. I might sign up for this. 1000 word min. Hrm. However, I still owe nutterbudgie her story. Argh.

Random: Damn, but that ASH is a handsome man.
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That'd do, very believable prompt, I mean who wouldn't? I just want new B/G, don't care which prompt.
Advil Cold & Sinus is the best friend someone with a headcold can have. It's so good it's controlled. (Pseudoephedrine)
Hope you and Mr. Tenna feel better soon.
Mr P is well, but he was busy wrangling the workmen replacing our fence this weekend and today. I am finally better! I got out of the house today!