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Think of a cannonball with a handle welded onto it.

I'm back home! I can tell because the cats have opined about this. They aren't the sort of cats who cold-shoulder me when I've been away. They're the kind of cats who sit on top of me to pin me down so I can't get away again. I have been thoroughly pinned in place by both cats in separate incidents, so I am now sure I'm home.

Another way I know I'm home is that I've been to the gym and done laundry. Laundry never ends. Neither does the gym! Operation Pushup has been quite a success in my life. The other day I snatched a 24kg kettlebell for the first time. Recently I've been learning the power clean. Amazing stuff. I have abs of steel nowadays. Under the pudge. Sigh.

So. Anyway. Back to work. Suggest a meme for me to do while I try to finish this story thing I'm struggling with today. Something fannish and not one of those 50 questions written by high school students things.
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