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My first Big Finish audio experiences.

I have now returned to NorCal after a lovely weekend at Gallifrey One, full of Whoish pleasure. The drive was sunny and speedy and enlivened by two Big Finish audios. sahiya and I both picked up a couple at the con, from the pile of titles recommended by her Coworker B (long-time Who fan).

The first one we heard was "Master", featuring Sylvester McCoy as Seven. McCoy gives a great performance, but I'm not sure any of the other voice actors does. The script is a bit heavy-handed, to the point where I was groaning at it to stop being so on the nose. People never talk about what they're talking about that way! Bah! It wasn't awful, though, and it has a bunch of semi-canonical Doctor-Master origin information that might greatly interest people who enjoy that friend/foe relationship.

The second was "The Genocide Machine", a tale of Seven, Ace, and Daleks. This was much more what we were expecting, and we enjoyed it a bunch. It felt like an episode of the series in pacing and content. Lots of fun, a solid script, and good voice acting from both McCoy and Sophie Aldred. Extra points for McCoy in full angry!Seven rant mode. Recommended.

I also got a copy of "Excelis Dawns", in which Tony Head voices a character, but haven't listened to it yet. sahiya's coworker B assured us it was a fun one.

Random: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
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