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Now this is how to do your secondary media.

I am reading Tony Lee & Pia Guerra's Doctor Who comic, "The Forgotten". This is a Ten & Martha story that works in appearances from all nine prior Doctors in little adventures of their own. It's a little bit like The Five Doctors, but the adventures are all in the past instead of interconnected.

This comic is everything I wished Buffy Season 8 was but it isn't. The art is marvelous. The writing is great. Things happen in every issue/chapter: the plot moves forward and information I care about is revealed. The characters are recognizable as themselves in depiction, action, and dialog. Great stuff.

(The icon on this post is taken from a panel of this comic. You can find more at schattengrafik.)

I'm not getting the Buffy comics any more (bleah), but I might start following the Who comics regularly.
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My agreement is strong with you on this. The Forgotten may just be the best graphic novel I've ever read - not that I'm really into graphic novels, or really have anything to compare it with, but the artwork is marvelous, and I honestly didn't know what was going on until the end. I was convinced that the villain was... someone else. And it was done brilliantly.

None of the other DW comics I've read have been quite as good, though some came quite close... But there's so many! From what I've seen, some of the older DWM comics are a bit... special. But apparently they've also got a shape-shifting penguin, so surely they can't be all bad?

Anyways, I take it you're enjoying Gallifrey One?
thanks for the recommendation, I'll have a look in my local comic shop for that Doctor Who. I love graphic novels. Currently I'm reading Neil Gaiman's take on Batman :)
I look forward to borrowing it! And letting you borrow The Turing Test, which I expect you to enjoy for both for the writing and for the code breaking/math porn.