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Now this is how to do your secondary media.

I am reading Tony Lee & Pia Guerra's Doctor Who comic, "The Forgotten". This is a Ten & Martha story that works in appearances from all nine prior Doctors in little adventures of their own. It's a little bit like The Five Doctors, but the adventures are all in the past instead of interconnected.

This comic is everything I wished Buffy Season 8 was but it isn't. The art is marvelous. The writing is great. Things happen in every issue/chapter: the plot moves forward and information I care about is revealed. The characters are recognizable as themselves in depiction, action, and dialog. Great stuff.

(The icon on this post is taken from a panel of this comic. You can find more at schattengrafik.)

I'm not getting the Buffy comics any more (bleah), but I might start following the Who comics regularly.
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