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More songs about buildings and food.

Er. Hi.

Fandom is, at the moment, a write-only activity for me. I'm not reading much of anything or paying attention at all. For instance, I see I completely missed maleslashminis popping back into action, but hey! At least there is now some new Gilesy fic to read. Or not read, as the case may be. I will at least form vague intentions of reading it.

I've had the same two stories in progress slowly all week. 8K+ words of Buffy/Oz/Xander, 5K+ words of Iceland, about half of that strictly outline. Iceland is going to be a big one. Lots of things happening. I'm sort of alternating between action/adventure and romance there. I'm starting almost to like the story. Maybe. Around the edges.

Lots of writing about water in this one. Rain, rivers, ice, steam. And a macguffin. I always enjoy those. Also an original Watcher character, named according to the very useful kivrin scheme of borrowing from minor Doyle characters.
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