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You weren't right about your mother coming back as a Pekingese.

We're watching more Ninth Doctor, at Mr Pedia's request, and wow, okay, Eccleston is the bomb. Our rewatch has included "Dalek" and the marvelous pair "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances". (Can it be MoffTiem nao?) Nine is damaged and so very intense. Shell-shocked. Not really remembering what happened in the Time War or who he was, completely, and yet feeling his age. I can cheerfully ship Nine/Rose or Nine/Rose/Jack, if neccessary, but mostly I'd just like to watch Nine nosing his way around the universe. We should have had a lot more of Nine than we got. Woes.

My BtVS season 1 rewatch continues, one cardio workout session at a time. I have built up to doing 1 entire episode's worth of exercise per session, so yesterday's workout featured the entirety of "Teacher's Pet". This was a weaker script than the previous ones, but it still had its charm. Two hopeless crushes are exposed: Xander's for Buffy, Willow's for Xander. Meanwhile, Angel begins to turn Buffy's head.

I was once again annoyed by Angel. He would have been far more useful if he'd just delivered clear warnings. "Hey, there's a strong vampire with a fork for a hand wandering around. I couldn't kill him. I ran into him in the northwest corner of Weatherly Park." Instead we get cryptic vaguery. Bah. Useless. Just the sort of folly a 16-year-old might find romantic, though.

Giles-watching: Loved the phone conversation with Carlisle. Also the interchange with Buffy and Willow about the coroner's report. "Right. Wasn't here, didn't see it, couldn't have stopped you."

Not very random: Anon #113 needs to know he/she isn't alone. Buffy/Giles shippers represent!
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I totally agree about you with wishing for more Nine.

I have been rewatching Buffy with my friend Bethany who has never seen it. We watch it while we scrap book, which means we watch 4 or 5 eps at a clip. Watching it with her reminds me of how much I loved it and how much I miss it.
I've lately had an early Giles/Willow fetish. Don't know why except for the bluster/babble love.

BTW - whichclothes is writing Spike/Giles this week. Give it a gander if you get a chance. Trust
I love Nine like burning. Eccleston is what got me into the show, and I agree, we deserved FAR MORE of that awesome than we got.

Also, season 1 Giles is just adorable. He's so tweed and tense and hasn't started his degeneration yet.

Angel just annoys me. Less of that, more of Giles.
Agreed on the awesome Giles moments in that one. Also agreed on the complete meh that is Angel. Lame. Great idea to exercise to Buffy! Maybe when I'm bored of the wii, I'll try that plan next.

I've been reading through your archived stories. Seems a little weird to start leaving comments all over the place on old posts, so I'll just say here - thank you for sharing all these stories. Your writing is so enjoyable. Your characters are so believable. You've turned me into a Buffy/Giles fan. Reading through your stuff has been like eating candy. I'm not really articulate enough to explain everything I love about your work. So I'll just say I love it and leave it at that :)
Welcome to the sekrit club of people who would like a LOT more Nine than we got. I'm not much of a Rose fan, but yeah, Nine/Rose is good, Nine/Rose/Jack is good, whereas I don't give a hoot for Ten.

Also, Moffat is up there with Terry Dicks in my pantheon of Who scriptwriters.

I'm still trying to figure out what, if anything, to say about the concluding episodes of series four, beyond the short fic I wrote. Poor Donna. And in some ways, poor Rose. Davies has never seen Superman II, has he?
Just this once. Everybody lives!

I am greatly curious as to what a dynamic between Nine and Donna would have been like.
If I were to make a top ten list of best TV eps across all my fandoms, "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" would most certainly be on it. So many layers. (Not to mention that as a non-Brit, I 'got' life in WWII in a way I hadn't before.)
I am rewatching Buffy as well. I am into season 3, and have to admit, didn't like his hair cut in that season. Glad it went back to being longer in the next seasons. Also love Wes in Angel, but glad he left Buffy after season 4.