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You weren't right about your mother coming back as a Pekingese.

We're watching more Ninth Doctor, at Mr Pedia's request, and wow, okay, Eccleston is the bomb. Our rewatch has included "Dalek" and the marvelous pair "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances". (Can it be MoffTiem nao?) Nine is damaged and so very intense. Shell-shocked. Not really remembering what happened in the Time War or who he was, completely, and yet feeling his age. I can cheerfully ship Nine/Rose or Nine/Rose/Jack, if neccessary, but mostly I'd just like to watch Nine nosing his way around the universe. We should have had a lot more of Nine than we got. Woes.

My BtVS season 1 rewatch continues, one cardio workout session at a time. I have built up to doing 1 entire episode's worth of exercise per session, so yesterday's workout featured the entirety of "Teacher's Pet". This was a weaker script than the previous ones, but it still had its charm. Two hopeless crushes are exposed: Xander's for Buffy, Willow's for Xander. Meanwhile, Angel begins to turn Buffy's head.

I was once again annoyed by Angel. He would have been far more useful if he'd just delivered clear warnings. "Hey, there's a strong vampire with a fork for a hand wandering around. I couldn't kill him. I ran into him in the northwest corner of Weatherly Park." Instead we get cryptic vaguery. Bah. Useless. Just the sort of folly a 16-year-old might find romantic, though.

Giles-watching: Loved the phone conversation with Carlisle. Also the interchange with Buffy and Willow about the coroner's report. "Right. Wasn't here, didn't see it, couldn't have stopped you."

Not very random: Anon #113 needs to know he/she isn't alone. Buffy/Giles shippers represent!
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