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A post with three links in it, two of them Ethan-ish.

Is Ethan Rayne evil? Discuss! My answer: classic chaotic neutral. As Giles says, sadistic and self-centered. The mess amuses him, and he's not concerned with more than his own amusement. Usually. (It's fun to put him in circumstances where something does turn out to matter to him. From this conflict does story arise.)

From an interesting meta-writer, what is, for me, a view from the other side of the Twilight Zone: a reminder that my corner of BtVS fandom is tiny indeed. There are people who are baffled by Giles/Ethan! Also people baffled by Spike/Xander, and seriously I'd thought that 99.9% of the BtVS slash written was that. But one half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other, and I am in turn baffled by the appeal of Spuffy. Let us be mellow about shipping, therefore, and fill each other's mugs with something hot and sustaining.

I still want somebody to write Giles/Spike for me. Because at my current pace, I'm not gonna write it for a year. And besides, this is the year of Giles/Buffy epics.

Speaking of which, I have been finding some amazing photo references for the Iceland story. I'm still going to botch the research spectacularly somehow, because I always do, but at least it'll look right in my head. 4000 words and ticking. Estimated final: at least 20K, for a solid novella.
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