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Her fingers will learn that lightbulbs burn

The writing, it goes in fits and starts. I have a dream of NB's story, but I have yet to externalize it (in Mr Pedia's phrasing) by fixing it into language. I need to begin doing so soon.

I have a new Buffy rewatch in progress, though, inspired by how much I enjoyed "Prophecy Girl" the other day. I've started at the beginning. Oh, how I love season 1! It's charming. The rewatch will go slowly, however, as I am only allowing myself to watch while exercising on the cardio machine. Though "Welcome to the Hellmouth" did distract me enough today to get me to sweat for far longer than I'd originally planned to. Win/win.

Random 1: J D Salinger, ah well. Cranky guy. I don't re-read his most famous book often, but I do return to his stories about the Glass family. If you wish to note his passing, you might read "A Perfect Day for Bananafish", which gives you an idea of Salinger's obsession as a writer.

Probably every writer ought to have an obsessional topic. Something that drives them to write, some central imbalance. Maybe that's a gloomy way to look at it?

See also. There are at least two nods to this story in my fanficcy spew.

Random 2: Reading metafandomwank links this week made me ponder the concept of confirmation bias.
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