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Things I have done to fix my writing problems.

1. Unearthed my writing armchair from under the piles of clean laundry. Equipped it with a warm blanket.
2. Repaired my headphones. Model airplane glue has a million household uses!
3. Quit Adium.
4. Made a nice cup of really hot coffee (as a Brownian motion source).
5. Put on a tried and true comfortable familiar writing soundtrack.

Now maybe I can get stuffs done, where by "stuffs" I mean this weird little piece I'm trying to finish so I can creep you all out with it. My mental title for it is "the thing that happens right before the wingfic", which is completely misleading about its content.

It's dried out and turned cold around these parts. It's still cloudy and it looks as if it might rain at any moment, which it is indeed supposed to do. The cats have, in consequence, been spending their time piled up either on top of each other or on top of me. Even Mr Fluffy Standoffish has spent time sitting on my chest, interfering with everything I attempt to do.

Many things make me suspect that this is the year of sprawling Buffy/Giles epics for me. Even if all I do is finish stories I've already started, it'll be that year. Also, I can feel the itch to write more Holmes crossover gen. But first, some wool socks and this ficlet as warmups.

PS: Weirdest concept fandom has presented to me recently: the Holmes/Watson fanmix. Of contemporary pop music. This is almost as baffling to me as songfic.
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