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He's not dancing. He said so.

Instead of a tenth rewatch of "Band Candy", I went for "Prophecy Girl" instead. This is one of my very favorite BtVS episodes, definitely on the top ten list. Oh, Buffy, how brave you are. And lovely season 1 Giles, with the mismatched clothes and the unbuttoned cuffs and the cute rumpled hair. Also, poor Giles, completely undone by the idea of Buffy dying, and unable to say so to her.

The Master is tedious. Angel is tedious. Xander is obnoxious. I like Willow without reservation. And I like Jenny Calendar in this. She's active and opinionated.

I would like fic of Giles being talked into dancing by Jenny anyway, and that being what got that whole thing started. Don't make me write it.
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