Not sure if season 3 or season 4 is my favorite today.

Am watching "Homecoming". Awwwwwwww, cute Buffy. Poor Buffy being dumped by Scott. And Faith going all protective of Buffy in the most awesome way. And secretly inside I still ship Xander/Willow a little bit. And there is Jonathan, eating a cupcake! And mmm, Giles in a nice suit being silly and assuming that of course Buffy will win.

Another head trauma for our poor man. Mmm, did I say nice suit?

But most importantly, an awful lot of Mayor Richard Wilkins, the best BtVS baddie there was.

Oh, hey, "Band Candy" is up next.
That one's easy for me...I love S4 in spite of, not because of, itself :)
When I look at season 4 as a single storyline, it falls down. But some my *absolute* favorite episodes are in that season, and there's so much to like about the characters in that year.
The best baddie ever. I think S3 is my fave, too, with S4 a close second.

Oh, and Mr Trick was still around in those episodes, wasn't he? We lost him way too soon. Loved Mr Trick.

I should work him into a fic.

Mr Trick is awesome. I love his line at the beginning of "Band Candy": "I know a beast who knows a guy." Working the demon networks, getting the job done.

The Mayor is so Jimmy Stewart to me, so much the image of American virtue and wholesomeness, with the cabinet full of shrunken heads. And he's misplaced his Scotch, oh dear. And deliciously, in "Homecoming" he delivers to Trick a little lecture about how important children are, and how important they are to him specifically. And then in the very next episode we see why they matter to him. Ooh, shivers.